Music For Hinged Door (door quartet) 2011

Ad infinitum (solo piano) 2013

Very Special Individuals (marimba and cello) 2013

Aokigahara (woodwind quintet) 2013

The Great Deep (tuba and piano) 2014

Night Air (STAB choir and vibraphone) 2014

Wandering Companionless: Pale for Weariness (string quartet) 2014

Five Poems of Beautiful Things (soprano, violoncello, and piano) 2015

Joyful Laments (trombone and piano) 2015

To Night (clarinet, violin, and piano) 2015

Pseudo-Nocturne No. 1 (piano) 2015

Suite No. 1 (for bass trombone) 2015

In Memoriam of Augusta Shepherd (piano trio) 2016

Symphony No. 1 (full orchestra) 2015

Rose Light (flute, alto flute, piano, hand bells) 2016

Dream Suite (solo piano) 2016

Music for Two Clarinets (clarinet and bass clarinet) 2016

Suite No. 2 (solo viola) 2016

I Can't Breathe (solo violoncello) 2016

Vocare (string orchestra) 2016 15'

Tangible Nothing (clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano) 2017 7'

Love Poems to God (baritone voice and violoncello) 2018 11'

By the Sweat of Your Brow (orchestra) 2018 8'

Midnight Road Trip (wind ensemble) 2018 8'

And Am I Born to Die (SATB chorus) 2018 4'


works in progress:

Ghosts of Grass for string quartet